Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How can I make my man cum faster

How can I make my man cum faster

Sometimes not all guys like moans tho it may not do the trick, but it is a bonus, it all depends on the guy really the timing of mans ejaculation range from minutes to hours. The longer you are with the same guy, the more you learn bout little tips and tricks in order to get him to cum faster! first things first, the environment! if your regular place to have sex is in the bedroom make sure your in a sexual surrounding lol so if you have a picture of grandma on the bedroom wall GET RID OF IT!:P keep in mind every little thing counts

After that, then you wana spice up the sex in the relationship! depending on your man,really. just randomly sit him down in a computer chair i prefer cause it bounces back upand blind fold him, start by giving him head he just be astonished, move ontop of him and start pounding away, talk a little dirty to him but ot too much, make him feel as if he is being punished hehe:P hell blow in no time! hope it works :

wear a sexy silky shirt with a collar. make him grab the collar as you suck his dick as deep as you can and keep spitting and making it wetter. make sure you you drool all over you shirt and then rub his dick over your nipples. the silky sensation and wetness of your mouth combined will make him cum. when hes ready to cum take a load in your mouth and drool it out and then make him shoot on your shirt.

keep that shirt, itll remind him of the cummy mess that was made on it.

To make your man cum faster you must first know his preference. Is it oral,vaginal, or anal? If your man prefers a blow job than in the middle of sex get off the d turn around and suck him. If possible put both hands on and turn inward at different beats. Add some spit to lower part of d. And with a couple of swallows you get a nut!!!!!!!! Now if its vaginal let him hit it from the back as hard as he wants. Ask him to drive deeper. Scream out every pain you fill in a seductive filthy way, while throwing the a back and in few to little strokes you feel his explosion. If its anal check another blogger!

To be honest I have the same question. I have been with my man for a little over a year and we are married now so it is a huge issue for me. Our sex is great but when I give him oral he almost never cums. I love sucking on his penis and he knows that. I talk dirty to him, I use a lot of spit, I use both my hand and mouth and touch the sensitive parts. I do everything he has told me he enjoys. He always tell me I am the best he has ever had and he has never felt so good from oral, but if that is the case why wont he cum? There have been times when I have sucked on his penis for over an hour and he still hasnt cum. I feel like I am not pleasing him sexually and I dont know what else to do. Please help someone.

how do i make sex last longer? my husband is not curcumsized and so i guess its alot easier for him to cum faster. but then he goes limp. :

How to make a guy cum faster with a blow job?

What is pc muscle? I was told woman should learn how to control my pc muscle. they said this muscle can enhance my man pleasure. and also can help woman push her man to cum quicker is this possible to push him cum quicker?please share the experiences

How can i get a guy to cum faster when im going down on him? ^^

My boyfriend takes quite a bit longer then most men to cum. sometimes we don have time to let him finish. i want to know if theres certain things i can do to him that will make him cum almost instantly.

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