Friday, 17 January 2014

Hot Tub Enclosures

Hot Tub Enclosures

Ideas for enclosing hot tubs include using gazebos, fencing, screens, and wood roof covers. There are many reasons why you should enclose your hot tub. The most prevalent would be that if your hot tub were outdoors, you would want to keep bugs, debris, and rain from entering your hot tub and contaminating it.

Depending on your location and climate, you may find that it makes the most sense to completely enclose your outdoor sauna, with screens and a door to prevent any debris or insects from entering the hot tub whatsoever. There are many woodworking plans available that will enable a talented craftsman to build their own enclosure. This is cost effective yet it will require a commitment to finish the project. Whether you prefer to build your own enclosure or purchase one that simply requires assembly, you will find that enclosing your tub will have a direct effect on how much enjoyment you derive from your tub.

Indooroutdoor enclosures abound and there are many styles available. If privacy is a concern, then you may choose to close all windows in with a darker tinted screen. If your backyard is already secluded with a privacy fence, then you may not require that your hot tub is shielded from view. You can choose gazebo style enclosures in a number of different wood finishes. These look beautiful and are functional as well. Cedar is a common wood used to create enclosures and Cedar is a natural mild insect repellant. It is used in many outdoor furnishings, for hanging plant containers, and makes a great outdoor tub enclosure.

Decorating ideas are plentiful when it comes to enhancing your outdoor hot tub. There are many enclosures that are very roomy and have ample space for allowing decorating inside of the gazebo or enclosure area. You may be tempted to hang lots of flowers and vines for their beauty, but if the thought of attracting more bugs concerns you, then limit the decorative plants to artificial or indoor hanging plants where you know that insects will be kept at bay. You may even decide to decorate your tub area with a theme, such as nautical, ocean, or tropical. Using ships, lighthouses, or palm trees, you can find many accessories that will make you feel as if you are at your own private island every time you enter the hot tub.

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