Monday, 30 December 2013

exactly seizing the opportunity at point guard for the Warriors

exactly seizing the opportunity at point guard for the Warriors

A little bit of this and that from Warriors practice on Friday

Warriors coach Don Nelson has made it clear that the point guard position is still up for grabs, which isnt good news for Marcus Williams any way you cut it. Watson.

In the process, Williams ended up with a golden opportunity to become a starter on the highestscoring team in the league.

That was the gift he was handed with the Monta Ellis injury.

But its not going well. Just look at the evidence.

The Warriors brought in muchtraveled Dan Dickau once training camp already had begun, and now Nelson, the coach, is talking up littleknown DeMarcus Nelson, a player, as a point guard factor.

Fact is, Nelson has talked a good deal this training camp about DeMarcus Nelson, Watson and even Dickau. Not much about Williams.

On Friday, Nelson acknowledged that Dickaus experience six NBA seasons was noticeable compared with the other three point guards, none of whom has more than two years in the league.

Don Nelson was asked if he thought Corey Maggette could average 25 points per game. He wasnt a fan of the question.

Only if its the right way, Nelson said. I could get Dickau to get 25 points a game but hed need 60 shots. Yeah . only if its the right way. If the ball stops and theres too much isolation, then no, I dont want him to score 25.

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